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Ezra is a 2017 Indian Malayalam supernatural horror thriller film written and directed by Jay K, starring Prithviraj Sukumaran. Major filming locations were Fort Kochi and Sri Lanka. Principal photography began in late-June 2016. The film grossed more than ₹50 crore at the box-office.

Directed by Jay K
Produced by
  • A.V Anoop
  • Mukesh R. Mehta
  • C. V. Sarathy
Written by
  • Manu Gopal
  • Jay K
Screenplay by Jay K
Story by Jay K
  • Prithviraj Sukumaran
  • Priya Anand
  • Sujith Shankar
  • Vijayaraghavan (actor)
  • Sudev Nair
Music by
  • Sushin Shyam
  • Rahul Raj
Cinematography Sujith Vaassudev
Edited by Vivek Harshan
  • AVA productions
  • E4 Entertainment
Distributed by E4 Entertainment
Release date
  • 10 February 2017
Running time
146 minutes
Country India
Language Malayalam
Box office ₹50crore


Download Ezra Full Movie In HindiThe last person of the Malabar Jews residing in Kochi dies. Eyeing a precious antique possession of the deceased person, an antique seller steals a box with Jewish inscriptions. That is later sold to Priya Raghuram (Priya Anand). Priya is the wife of Ranjan Mathew (Prithviraj Sukumaran), a nuclear waste management specialist. Theirs is a love marriage. Due to work obligations, Ranjan had to move to Kerala and he and Priya shifts to Kerala. Being a Marathi-Malayali, Priya finds it hard to adjust with the shift from Mumbai to Kerala. On a retail therapy Priya buys the box from the antique shop. After she reaches home, she opens the Dybbuk box. Later, paranormal activities are experienced by Ranjan and Priya.

Ranjan is an orphan who was living with his mother’s brother Fr. Samuel (Vijayaraghavan). Samuel is invited to Ranjan’s house. Samuel feels that something is amiss and he tells Ranjan that the box from the antique shop is a Dybbuk. Ranjan finds more about the dybbuk from a rabbi David Benyamin (Babu Antony). He tells Ranjan that the Dybbuk only possesses people without mental stability or children under 3 years. The next day, rabbi Benyamin is dead and Ranjan finds that Priya is pregnant. He comes to know that his child is possessed. Ranjan finds more about the dybbuk in his house with the help of rabbi Marques (rabbi Benyamin’s son)(Sujith Shankar)

They get to know about a story in 1941 Thiru-Kochi. The story revolves around the love between a Jewish boy Abraham Ezra (Sudev Nair) and a low caste Christian girl Rosy (Ann Sheetal). Ezra and Rosy had a serious relationship and Ezra wanted to marry Rosy, but in between, they had sexual interaction and eventually Rosy got pregnant. Rosy didn’t tell Ezra that she was pregnant . Ezra told his father about his relationship with Rosy but he rejected it because of the difference in their caste system. With sorrow, Ezra sent a letter to Rosy to tell her that they can’t marry and that Rosy should forget him. Rosy committed suicide and her father got to know about the letter. He went to meet Ezra and his father. However, he was killed by Ezra and his father. The villagers tried to hit Ezra and they attempted to kill him. Ezra was seriously injured and he was taken to the hospital by his father. The doctors confirmed that he was brain dead . Ezra’s father decided to take revenge on the people of the society. Ezra’s father purposefully killed him to create a Dybbuk. Instead of seeing his son in a brain-dead condition, he invoked black magic and made his son’s soul enter into a Dybbuk box. The box was created in such a way that the entire society was destroyed once the last Jew was dead. He let the others know that Ezra had died and they then buried Ezra’s body, which was really a wooden dummy. For the spirit of Ezra to become a Dybbuk, his body could not be given a proper burial. Ezra’s father then took Ezra’s body, which was wrapped in a cloth, to the sea and dumped it.

The story comes back to Ranjan. Marques wants the Dybbuk to leave Ranjan and his family. So with the help of A.C.P Shafeer Ahammed (Tovino Thomas), he confirms that Abraham Ezra’s story is true. Finally, he decides to exorcise the Dybbuk. But, it is revealed that it is not Priya, but Ranjan whom the spirit of Ezra has possessed. Fr. Samuel tell them that Ranjan, as orphan had mental problems in his childhood and because Ranjan is a nuclear waste management specialist, the Dybbuk would be easily able to destroy the society. At last, Ranjan is exorcised and the dybbuk is made to renter the box. It is then taken to an ocean and dumped exactly like Ezra’a body was dumped.

Later, Priya gives birth to a healthy baby and she and Ranjan are sharing their happy news with Marques. At the ending of the movie, the Dybbuk box is found by some young men who were loafing about the sea shore. They take the box with them planning to open it.

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Download Ezra Full Movie IN Hindi


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